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Friday, November 28, 2008

Relevance: 808's & Heartbreak

I wanted to talk about this album briefly. I think its fair to say that Kanye represents a new direction in todays hip-hip, pop, and r&b music genres. More to the point, is that he blurs the lines of these 3 genres seamlessly. 

Take the intro, if you will. The first song on the album. Say You Will. It sets the tone for the entire album, being very slow and moody. A really beautiful song. The beat just makes me want to smoke a fat joint, with the lights real low. And the way he lets the track rock for more than a 2 minutes is a bit cocky, and you can't deny how dope the beat is. He has a genius quality when it comes to music. I think Kanye's influence on the music industry is amazing, and I just can't wait to see what he continues to produce. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Words From...

"Listening to Biggie's "What's Beef?" It makes me feel quiet. The slow beat. Biggie's voice. 

Knowing this song doesn't touch my life in any real way, but like a grain of salt you can find something amazing in it."

Here's my story

Words From. is based on the premise of the power of words. It invites you to read our stories. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bread And Butter

"Ripe is simplistic while remaining complex in design, is visually avant-garde yet harmonious to the eye. 

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seeing Pink Elephants

Femme Fatale Fly. 

'Occasionally I happen upon some really supa shit that I want you guys to know about, and this is one of those times. Ripe Jewelry, brought to by Folasade Ologundudu out of NYC, is straight up sick.' 

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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Recap, If I May.

I have not yet spoken deeply on this, so here I go...

I was dwntwn, tho a part of me wished I had been in Harlem that night. Over Stella's and Blue Moons we talked about things, friends, family, and how amazing what could happen would be. As the numbers began to come in I was sceptical. CNN had one set of numbers while Fox had another. the CNN projection passes to the 270 to win. I can see it from outside where I enjoy a Camel Light. Things happen in between, but at some point I am back on my bar stool, listening to McCain give Obama props and bowing out gracefully. Which he did rather well. We clap and boo. And as Obama, comes up the room fills with silence, the times seems to drag slowly, a movie moment, where the character realizes something profound is about to happen. 

He speaks of his wife and children first, which as a women, and a slight romantic I find endearing. But more, it spoke of the things in life that are universal. Love, family, home, the ties that bind. And as he spoke of that old women in the south, and the buses, and the injustices that were faced so that he could stand on the podium, my eyes watered, my throat got tight, the air in my lungs seemed short, and the tears rolled down. Everyone was so quiet, not a sound. I looked around at the strangers, and we all felt our own sense of pride. In what we were seeing, in what Obama  was saying, and in the realization that this moment had changed our history as Americans forever. 

I felt so foolish for crying, so silly you know. Telling myself it was ridiculous, but in the quiet and the solemn surrounding me, I could not stop. I had to let it out. I thought of my family, my mother, my brother. The people that I love. 

In the days that followed I had to process, and take it all in. I had to be quiet and think about what had just happened. It was not so much that he is black, tho it is important, yes. But he is universal. He makes you remember, and dream, and hope. And for a politician to have that power, that voice, that ambition, to make millions believe again, is astonishing. I could say more. I could say everything that I'm feeling when I think of this, but I still have to process, in the quiet solemn. 

I recently saw Frederico Fellini's I Vitelloni. His classic film about a young group of men, that do not want to grow up, tho there is much more to the story. There is a scene where one of the main characters, asks a young boy if he is happy. The film is in Italian, with subtitles. When the man asks this, he word he uses in Italian is contento. The English translation is happy. I find it interesting that content and happy are used as translations for each other in the film, since there are not nearly the same thing. I'd rather be content any day. So as I bring this to a close. It was a wonderful moment, that night. A piece of history, that children will read about in books, a moment that will stay with all of us forever. Tho really, did you have any doubts? 


The M.I.S.S. Crew X Ripe Jewelry

"The newest line of jewelry to add some sex appeal to your fit is Ripe Jewelry. Inspired by pin-girls and Vargas girls, the line of necklace charms and earrings will add a little retro sexiness to your look, with unique pieces that will make you stand apart from the rest." 

The women on the west from the M.I.S.S. Crew showed me some love, and you can peep the rest of it here. Thanks ladies! 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ripe Jewelry X Patricia Fields

We are pleased to announce that the Le Femme Fatale collection is available at Patricia Fields. The wait is over ladies! You asked and we humbly answered. 

Get familiar with the Bowery.  

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Space Blockade: A Dark Summer

This is the title of my new collection. Sometimes you go away for a while to come back stronger and better then ever. Don't get a hiatus confused with stepping out of the game completely. You should already know I'm not one for that. 

So on that note, a brief description: 

Over the summer I came up with 3 ideas. Exploring the beauty and innovation of architecture, the use of positive and negative space, and, sharp hard lines. It took about 3 full months to get all the molds ready for casting, and to then brainstorm on the technical aspects of the collection, which is small and well executed at 12 pieces. 4 Rings, 4 Pendants, 2 Earrings, and 2 Bracelets. 

The Dark Summer aspect was in part inspired by a lot of others designers, and in part due to the timing. I'd love to drop this for fall, and even now it all depends on the timing. But it is what it is, and I'm bringing the heat, so don't worry. The collection is made entirely of fine sterling silver, oxidized silver, and black onyx, hence the dark title. 

I found a great photographer out of Frisco, that I'm very excited to work with. Photographing metals is very tricky and with jewelry especially, so finding that right type of photographer is essential. 

Basically you are about to see a new side of the brand. Better materials, better branding, just better. A new website is in the works. And as you noticed I changed the logo, a few months back.